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Checking FAQ

Since you use your checking account almost every day, you're bound to have some questions. Here's some information about how your account works.

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Since you use your checking account almost every day, you're bound to have some questions. Here's some information about how your account works. Contact Us

Dig into the details about your checking account

What are the benefits of a checking account?

  • Select a FREE debit card that fits your personality
  • Real-time account transfers
  • Online and mobile banking for everyday transactions
  • Digital check images and eStatements
  • Access to over 900 surcharge-free ATMs across Oklahoma

How can I set up a checking account for my child?

Simply fill out the online application here. If the child is under the age of 18, they will need somebody over the age of 18 to be on the account with them. The child will receive a $10 iTunes® Gift Card when the account is opened with $25. Parents or guardians can set up online banking so that they can view their child’s account in the same place as their accounts.

What types of overdraft protection do you offer?

If you have insufficient funds in your checking account, OECU offers several options for overdraft protection. To check out these options, take a look at our Overdraft Protection page. 

How long does it take for a debit card purchase to post to my account?

It depends on the merchant, but typically within 48 hours.

How long will it be before my check deposit is in my account?

Your deposit is available immediately if it is not placed on hold.

Why was my check placed on hold?

Government Regulations (Reg CC) dictates how much of a check can be placed on hold and how long that hold can be. OECU trains all staff to follow government regulations when processing checks. In most cases, a check is placed on hold due to either non-matching funds in the member’s account or the total deposit being over $5,000. Upon account opening we provide deposit hold regulations to members, and are more than happy to go over the specifics upon request. Exceptions can be made by supervisors only. These regulations help protect the member (e.g., cashing a fraudulent check given to them) and the credit union from losing money.

What are the debit card designs?

Happy To Help Stories

Why do our members love being part of OECU? Find out below.

  • OECU Happy Face

    By opening a Fresh Start checking account, OECU has helped me re-enter professional nursing after an injury sidelined me for four years.

    – Sarah D.

  • Phyllis R.

    The OECU staff was helpful and courteous when I opened a checking account. Their suggestions, guidance, and options have kept me coming back to OECU.

    – Phyllis R.

  • Valerie R.

    My debit card was deactivated so OECU fixed the issue and issued me a new card, I was really surprised I received it within two days.

    – Valerie R.

  • Lacey M.

    OECU was quick to notice wrongful debit card charges and alerted me immediately. They stopped charges from being made and were able to get the ones that had been made reversed.

    – Lacey M.

  • Brigette G.

    Oklahoma style attitude with every single call or visit at the superb level of customer service for the ultimate banking experience.

    – Brigette G.

  • Chris I.

    This is the first financial institution that has made me feel like I actually make a difference by banking with them.

    – Chris I.