What is Apple Pay™?

Now available for OECU Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Apple Pay™ FAQ

Q: What is Apple Pay™?

A: Apple Pay™ is a contact payment technology for iPhone® 6 and Apple Watch®. Basically, Apple Pay™ is a digital wallet service.  

Q: What does Apple Pay™ do?

A: Apple Pay™ offers convenience and security. It pulls your credit card and debit card data from the Passbook app, enabling you to use an iPhone® 6 or Apple Watch® as a wallet at store checkouts.

Q: Which devices currently work with Apple Pay™?

A: Apple Pay™ currently works with iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, and Apple Watch® (paired with iPhone® 5, iPhone® 5c, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 6, or iPhone® 6 Plus).

Q: What banks and cards support Apple Pay™?

A: Apple Pay™ supports most major credit and debit cards providers and US banks. It works with Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®.

Q: Where can I use Apple Pay™?

A: Apple Pay™ works anywhere that accepts contactless payments. Simply look for the contactless payment symbol near readers at checkout.

Q: How do I use Apple Pay™?

A: At point of sale, just hold your iPhone® next to the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID™. You will not have to look at your iPhone's® screen, because a subtle vibration and beep will confirm that you paid correctly. There's also no need to open an app or wake your iPhone's® display.

Q: Is Apple Pay™ secure?

A: Yes, your transaction information or card numbers will not save on Apple's® servers so your payments are private, but your most recent purchases are kept in the Passbook™ app.

Q: What if I lose my iPhone® or Apple Watch®?

A: You can use Find My iPhone™ to put your device in Lost Mode which will lock everything on your phone, prevent others from accessing your content including Apple Pay™ or Passbook™ data and suspend your Apple Pay™ payments. You can also use Find My iPhone™ to wipe your iPhone® clean completely.