Business Account Requirements

The requirements to open a business account vary by how your business is structured. Please review the checklist below to see the requirements for your business type.

All Businesses Must Provide:

  • Valid government issued Photo ID and Social Security Number for all individuals authorized to transact business or sign on the account.
  • IRS Employer Identification Number verification. Exceptions noted below.

 Additional Requirements by Business Structure:


  • Charter or Certificate of Incorporation filed with Secretary of State
  • Articles of Incorporation filed with Secretary of State
  • Signed Corporate Resolution stating instructions to open account
  • Signed Meeting Minutes accepting the Corporate Resolution


  • General Partnership: Certificate of Fictitious Name Certificate filed with Secretary of State
  • Limited or Limited Liability Limited: Certificate of Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability: Statement of Qualification filed with Secretary of State
  • All: Signed Partnership Agreement listing names of Partners
  • General Partnership may utilize owner SSN

         Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Signed Operating or Member Control Agreement including sections dealing with authority to deposit money and transact business on accounts
  • Certificate of Good Standing from Secretary of State (not required if Articles of Organization filed within last 12 months)
  • Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State
  • May utilize owner SSN if 0 employees and purpose is real estate holding

         Non-Profit Organization/Association

  • Signed Bylaws or Charter
  • Signed Meeting Minutes reflecting elected authorized signers or letter on letterhead and signed by the president to authorize establishment of account and respective signers
  • Note: Clubs (i.e. softball team, girl scout troop, class reunion, department flower fund) may be opened as personal accounts with notation of purpose in account description

         Sole Proprietorship                                     

  • Assumed/Fictitious Name Certificate filed with County (not required if business name contains owner’s first and last names)
  • May utilize owner SSN

         State Agency/Public Funds                        

  • Request for Proposal from the Oklahoma State Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer (these are the only eligible authorized signers.)
  • Three-digit agency code from the Office of State Finance

  Doing Business As (DBA)                          

  • Tradename Report filed with Secretary of State


Authorization Designation and Business Account Card will be provided by OECU and must signed in person.  Additional documents may be required based on specific business type or activity.

For more details visit or call 405-606-OECU or 877-677-OECU


Download the checklist above.