First and Second Mortgages

OECU offers a wide spectrum of mortgage services, including:

  • Conventional & FHA Financing
  • First & Second Mortgages
  • Fixed & Adjustable Rates
  • 1-4 Family Homes & Investment Properties, including Condominiums
  • Land & Construction Loans

Why get a home loan at OECU?

  • Your loan is safe.  We’ve been practicing the same, safe lending policies for years.
  • You get the best offer up front.  No gimmicks.  No hidden fees.
  • You save money.  OECU generally has lower fees and/or rates. Over time, that adds up.  
  • Your loan stays with us.  All the way from application to final payment.
  • A person answers the phone, not a computer.  Our commitment now, and always.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Now you have more options for your dream home.

  • Home loans for amounts from $417,001 to $750,000
  • Low interest rates available
  • Competitive closing costs
  • Requires only one appraisal
  • Easy application process

Got questions? We've got people. 

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