How to Activate Touch ID™ on the OECU Mobile App

This short video will show you step by step how to activate Touch ID™ on the OECU Mobile App.

Touch ID™ FAQ

Q: What is Touch ID™?

A: Touch ID™ is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a way to unlock various Apple devices. You can now use Touch ID™ to access your account on the OECU Mobile app. 

Q: What devices support Touch ID™?

A: You can use Touch ID™ with any iPhone® that is a 5S model or later. You can also use Touch ID™ on an iPad Pro®, iPad Air® 2 or any iPad Mini® 3 or later.

Q: What does Touch ID™ do?

A: By simply touching the home button of your device, the Touch ID™ sensor will quickly read your fingerprint and automatically unlock your phone and certain apps that support Touch ID™ like the OECU app.

Q: Why should I activate Touch ID™?

A: Touch ID™ offers a quick and easy way to access your OECU account via the mobile app.

Q: Is Touch ID™ secure?

A: Every fingerprint is different. It is rare that even a small part of two separate fingerprints are alike to register as a match for Touch ID™. Four-digit passcodes like "1234" are easily guessable, but there is no such thing as an easily guessable fingerprint.